Review of our St. Nicholas Get-Together
1st and 2nd December 2017 in Aschbach

At exactly 5:00pm, around 80 guests who had travelled in their motorhomes from other parts of Germany as well as from Belgium and Switzerland were greeted with mulled wine around a log fire. The crowd of guests was a mixed bunch. The showroom bustled with married couples, families and grandparents with grandchildren. They were delighted not only by the well-chosen words from the managing director Joachim Baumgartner in his opening speech, but also by the festive decorations put up by the Concorde employees.

Following the official opening, it was straight to the buffet at 6:00pm for some tasty food after the delicious mulled wine. The motto of this year's gastronomy programme put on by Concorde was "O Christmas Tree…".

The musical highlight was a trio of semi-acoustic rock classics. Although the music was quieter compared to the previous year, it certainly didn't affect the festive mood. There was a fantastic atmosphere and, if the intensive conversations were anything to go by, it was clear that everyone was getting along perfectly.

Like previous years, the St. Nicholas Get-Together 2017 was great fun, a wonderful way to end the year and was enjoyed immensely by all those present.