All of Europe a Guest in Aschbach
Concorde Ascension Get-Together 2018

A total of 300 vehicles from England, France, Sweden, Norway, the Czech Republic, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland and Germany travelled to Aschbach  to enjoy the Ascension get-together 2018, bringing along good spirits in spite of a few rain showers.

Compared to the weather, the programme was varied in the areas of sport, entertainment and instruction. A number of factory tours  were offered daily in which participants could gain insight into the assembly of a Concorde motorhome.

To keep knowledge about motorhomes in traffic up-to-date, participants could take part in workshops on the topics of “traffic law” and “the driver license over the course of time.” Furthermore, participants also had the opportunity to exchange a few words with Concorde suppliers at the technology expo, including, among others, Alde Deutschland and Thule, or have personal questions answered.

There was plenty on offer on the sporting side as well. Early risers could go for an easy run or participate in a body workout. Those sports enthusiasts who enjoy sleeping in could take part in a speedy, nearly 100 kilometer tour on racing bicycles, led by Concorde quality manager Pat Murphy. Cyclists who enjoy a more leisurely pace could instead opt for a 30 kilometer tour with a stop midway through.

Anyone interested in stretching their legs was invited to a guided hike from Handthal to the Steinernen Kreuz (the stone cross) via the Magdalenenkreuz (the cross of Mary Magdalene). The canoe trip offered a bit more excitement, though it was cut short due to the rain.

But activities were offered not only at Concorde. During the shipyard tour of Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH, visitors learned both the similarities as well as the differences between land and sea yachts. Those not interested in technology could instead shop to their heart’s desire in the “Murk” clothing store.

The visit to the winery “Weingut Hirn” with a drink, snack and tour of the Hundertwasser shop was heaven on earth for all wine lovers. A morning pint was on the schedule Saturday morning at craft brewery Braumanufaktur Hertl – or even a complete brewery tour through the beer capital of Germany, Bamberg.

And, for those who still couldn’t be convinced to abandon the comforts of their motorhome – even during Ascension at Concorde – the complimentary test drives of the new Concorde models were sure to do the trick.

Saturday evening, the entertainment programme was filled once again. After Andy Ruepp had thrilled the crowd the previous evening, Saturday featured dance bands like “Sixties Generation” and “Die Drei” and performances by various dance groups – even a salsa performance. The final highlight of the evening was the big fireworks display.