The motorhome meets the rose
Christening at the 1st International Concorde Automobile Club Meet-up

It took nine years and 250,000 finishing procedures. But now the Concorde-Rose is in full bloom. The Rose was christened in July 2018 by Managing Director Joachim Baumgartner, Director of Sales and Marketing Markus Freitag and Gunnar Jacobsen, who was accompanied by a tight regiment of loyal Concorde enthusiasts.

However, the christening was not the only reason to celebrate. It was also the 1st International Concorde Automobile Club Meet-up, which was requested by “Concorde-Freunde-Nord e.V” Chairman Gunnar Jacobsen. The meet-up took place on the premises of W. Kordes' Söhne in Sparrieshoop near Pinneberg. A total of 100 Concorde enthusiasts from Germany, Belgium, Norway, Luxembourg and Switzerland met up in the small town with their 47 motorhomes.

The program was charming and educational. There were tours of the rose garden in the rose fields and talks about the work of the the Kordes company. The highlight of the program was the ceremonial presentation and christening of the cultivated Concorde-Rose.

There is no christening without a godparent. And in this case, there wasn’t just one, but rather five godparents. Concorde Managing Director Joachim Baumgartner, Karl-Heinz Hinke, the initiator of the meet-up, Managing Director Wilhelm-Alexander Kordes, CFN Chairman Gunnar Jacobsen and Head of the Kordes Cultivation Department Thomas Proll. Joachim Baumgartner had the honour of giving the christening speech, and the Rose was christened with sparkling wine by all godparents.

Two exclusive display motorhomes were exhibited for viewing to commemorate the 1st International Concorde Automobile Club Meet-up. The evening event was filled with a rich buffet, music and dancing and a huge raffle. The grand prize was a luxury ship for the winner to steer for a week on Lake Müritz. This was provided by the Weidners from Palme Wohnmobile.