Technik-Caravane Rally Visits Concorde

The third Technik-Caravane rally was held from May 31 to June 3. Serving as the start, finish and main base for the event was the company grounds of Concorde Reisemobile. Director of sales and marketing,  Markus Freitag, and his energetic team organized the rally together with Nick Hirsch, Christian Reisch, Nils Ihsen, Kay Fischer and their team.

Unlike regular rallies, in which drivers must travel at top speeds over forest, snow or gravel sections, with the Technik-Caravane rally the objective was instead for drivers to demonstrate consistency, skill and familiarity with their motorhome. Much more about orientation and, above all, team spirit.

A total of 50 motorhomes of various makes took to the start in four different length categories. The route, which was completed over two stages, was 420 minutes and 290 kilometers long.

Twelve special tests, including, among others, an egg race with the motorhome or shooting a cork at a target, had to be completed. Many of the exercises tested the mettle of even the best drivers, as they had to demonstrate that they had the right feel on both the driving side as well as on the technical side.

On the evening of the last day there was a gala event with award ceremony. The three drivers who had best mastered the challenges posed at the rally climbed the podium at the award ceremony. Among them was a winner with a Concorde motorhome.