Although the temperatures made it feel like March or April, the St. Nicholas Get-Together at Concorde again took place at the end of November. Despite the spring-like temperatures, the guests were full of Christmas cheer and started the gathering at 5:00 pm with traditional mulled wine in a cozy atmosphere. With a slight delay, Managing Director Joachim Baumgartner opened the official celebration with a speech.

Christmas time is not only a time for cosiness and contemplation, but also for rich and hearty food. The amazing appetizers alone, such as suckling pig, mini baked apple quiche, field salad, cheese stars and pasta salad, were enough to fill you up.

The main course followed the appetizers and anyone who managed not to fill up on the first round had the chance to try the main course: Tender strips of turkey with a light creamy herb sauce, Franconian marinated pork roast with red wine gingerbread sauce or tomato pasta with zucchini and feta cheese. Side dishes such as vanilla carrots and Franconian dumplings rounded out the main course.

But what would appetizers and a main course be without the ever-popular dessert? The two choices, mandarin curds with gingerbread crumbs and chocolate cinnamon mousse with stewed cherries, were the ultimate taste experience.

As the saying goes, “after dinner rest a while, after supper walk a mile”. In this case, our Concorde enthusiasts hit the dance floor accompanied by the “X-Mas Swinger” musical trio.

Saturday morning held the next culinary and rich meal: a white sausage breakfast. Non-alcoholic beer was served in place of the traditional version containing alcohol, as the participants had to take their leave after breakfast. And to bring everyone up-to-date on Concorde and its motorhomes, Sabine Baumgartner and Rainer Heller were always on hand and willing to answer questions and report on the newest developments.