Concorde on Sardinia
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This year’s Concorde trip, organized and led by the married couple Irene and Willi Nolden from KUGA-Tours, took the 17 Concorde motorhomes and 34 people to the second-largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia. The trip began on May 14, with travellers meeting in Pisa. The next day they made the journey to Sardinia by ferry.

“He who comes over the sea comes to steal,” is a saying among the Sardinians that is not entirely unjustified. The reason is the foreign rule – spanning millennia – by various conquerers such as the Romans, the Phoenicians, the Saracens and the Pisans, all of whom had to come by sea to plunder the island and impose their structures.

Fortunately, those times lie in the distant past and the Sardinian economy has since established itself through tourism and the oil industry. Also not to be ignored are the wine (Cannonau) and sheep’s cheese (Pecorino Sardo) on the southern part of the island and the traditional cork production on the northern part. Sardinia has plenty to offer the eye as well. From 2,000 kilometers of coastline and sandy beaches to mountainous hiking paths in the island’s interior. A perfect place to celebrate a birthday, like Anni – a participant who turned 66 years young – did on the trip.

The group spent 21 days on the island. Plenty of time to get to know one another and make new acquaintances. Said and done. The members of the group communicated wonderfully with one another and on the same wavelength, according to Willi Nolden. The breadth of communication – even via “WhatsApp” – brought the Concorde group together so cohesively and quickly that there was even talk of a follow-up get-together. During a folklore presentation with a launeddas (a traditional Sardinian wind instrument), they all of course took part in a dance presentation.

Perfect balance and harmony also shaped the evenings on which the so-called “camper tables” (eating as a group) were held. With food for grilling provided by the Noldens and salads prepared by the participants, the group ate together, exchanging culinary secrets over the meal. One of these evenings took place directly in a sandy cove as a “night in white” (with all participants dressing in white).

It is above all the beautiful times and days that pass too quickly. The trip ended with an emotional goodbye and a group photo on the ferry.